Thursday, April 10, 2014

Interactive Notebook

This year is up and running finally. I added interactive notebooks to my repertoire
 this year. I jumped in with my first few lessons planned out in an interactive version. I love using these notebooks so far. I feel so organized. I also have proof that I taught the objectives and I am so organized. To my surprise no one (Knock on Wood) has forgotten their notebook at home.
Some tips that I found helpful are:
  • Trim or cut pages before passing out. This takes my eighth graders for ever. I save precious minutes by doing it my self.
  • I made supply buckets for each table. This cut down on passing out supplies and collecting supplies.
  • Keep a large Table of Contents poster in the front of the class so that students can update as they go or when they have a free moment.
  • For me it really helped to model everything on the Elmo projector.
  • Buy a great paper cutter!
I think it was a great choice for my classes!
Have any of you already used interactive notebooks? Any tips you want to add?