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  • This item is a product that come with an introduction of inference making and an example. It comes with 2 worksheets of short paragraphs and a graphic organizer for each. As well as a generic graphic organizer that can be used with any book. 
  • Fascinating Places Research Task Cards- $2.50
  • Fascinating People Research Task Cards- $2.50
  • Ever have those students that finish early? Want an independent center that students can complete using the internet? This is the product for your class.
    It comes with 16 task cards. Eight fascinating men and eight fascinating women from different times and places. Students will research these fascinating people using guiding questions with an end product. Just print, cut and laminate. I keep mine on a binder ring.

    I hope you enjoy!
  • Fascinating Animal Research Task Cards-$3.00
  • Busy your early finishers with these research task cards.
    Students choose which Fascinating Animal that they would
  •  like to learn about. You may need to have a mini lesson about
  •  wever, this is a great activit
  •  finishers or for a center. Just print out the task cards, cut
  •  them apart and laminate. I put mine on binder rings.
  •  Students complete an end activity of their choosing.
  •  This set comes with 24 fascinating animal cards.

  • Vocabulary Connect Four-$1.00
  • Students use any set of words and complete four of the vocabulary assignments on the Connect Four board in a row.

  • Mood Graphic Organizers- $1.50
  • This product has several graphic organizers to help students find the mood in the story.
  • Mood Games -$3.50 
  • This is a practice activity that can be used as a center, with pairs as a game or as a whole class game. the packet includes directions for three games. Also includes ideas for how to use the cards as a center. Complete with a direction sheet, a word bank and an answer sheet.
    There are 12 paragraph cards that convey different moods by giving the students clues to help them. It also includes the 12 mood word cards that students can use to match with the correct paragraph.
    Determining mood is a skill that many students struggle with, so some extra practice will help students become more proficient.
  • Character Inference Games
  • This product will give students practice using evidence to infer character traits. This contains games that can be used with pairs of students or whole class. You can also use it as a center. There are 16 original paragraphs and 16 character trait cards for students to match. This activity will help students become proficient in using clues to make inferences about the characters.

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