Saturday, April 14, 2012

Motivating Lesson about Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary and Secondary Sources
So, Monday we have a common assessment that our department will be giving. I realized that I had to come up with a quick review of Primary and Secondary sources. So I wrote numerous examples on index cards and decided to review the meanings of primary and secondary source. Then I explained the rules of my game.

The students had to be the first to pop up and name which type of source I described. If the student was correct, they got the card. The student with the most cards won. This was the best activity. The students were all really motivated, it took 15 minutes and only cost me a cool pencil!

The students understood the differences and I think they should do really really well on Monday!

Primary sources I used:
Birth records
A letter to President Obama from the Queen of England
An autoboigraphy about Nicki Monaj
A recording of a speech given by Martin Luther King
An interview given by a passager from the Titanic
A photograph of your great, great grandparents.
A suitcase that was recovered from the ocean floor near the Titanic.
The original screen play of your favorite movie.
Pottery of the Inca.

Secondary sources I used:
A news report about Whitney Houston
A biography about Michael Jackson
An article about the sinking of the Titanic.
A perdiciton about how the Titaanic sunk by scientist of today.
Motivating Lesson about Primary and Secondary Sources.


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