Friday, September 7, 2012

Great First week with Whole Brain Teaching!

"This is the best class I have ever had!" 
" Wow, That was a fun class!"
" My class was awesome!"
These were the comments I heard this week as I dismissed students from my classroom. This has been the best week ever. It all started with being in a flash mob at the superintendents convocation meeting.

I am in the green on the end.

Then, I used several new (to me) Whole Brain Teaching techniques. The kids loved, loved, loved, them and that is saying alot for middle school students. Whole Brain Teaching actually put smiles on the faces of my students.

First, I taught the students how to stop what they are doing and answer " Yes" when I say "Class."

Next, we learned the class rules and the motions. I showed them how to teach each other and all about the scoreboard. I was amazed at how into it they were. 

Well one week later my grade six students are loving it and very enthusiastic. My grade eight students are okay with it. They take more convincing. We played Basketball Trivia which is my version of Mind Soccer. So I am hoping that will help motivate them to increase their participation. 

Also, another highlight is the 40 book reading goal. I already have five students that have completed reading their first book. this has motivated others. 

So I am off to a great year.
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How is your year going so far? What new things have you tried?  

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  1. We must think alike. I'm using whole brain teaching techniques for the first time this year and I also read The Book Whisperer and started a "32" book challenge with my fifth graders too! Keep us posted on how it's going!